Packing1Only four more sleeps and then we’re off – aarrgghh!

We’ve taken groups overseas so often you’d think it would be a breeze. You’d think we’d have these final few days down to a fine art. You’d think we’d be relaxing now in front of a roaring television – all last-minute jobs done, all boxes ticked off on our to-do list, all bags packed, all teeth cleaned and all long-distance flying clothes laid out on the bed.

Well, no, actually. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Mrs Cooney and I are last-minute experts. And while some of our fellow-travellers were bragging weeks ago that they were packed and ready-to-fly, we’re still flapping around like chookless heads.

Oh, sure, we’ve been busy. We’ve got piles of clothes and shoes and medicines and cameras and Important Stuff-We-Might-Need spread out all over the spare room. Enough to fill 10 suitcases, I reckon. But the hard decisions won’t be made until Sunday … when we’ll do a test-closing-of-the-luggage … and all the items we can’t squeeze in will be shoved back in their drawers and cupboards and wardrobes.Packing2

We’ve been dreaming, scheming, reading, Googling and swotting up on the Baltic for over a year now. And we know we’re in for a treat – a glorious bunch of new experiences and a scenic feast for sore eyeballs. But it won’t be till we’ve counted everybody, checked in, gone through customs and are packed like sardines into our seats on that big Singapore Airlines jumbo that we’ll FEEL this new adventure is REALLY underway.

Only four more sleeps and then we’re off – to Singapore, London, Paris, Amsterdam, and destinations beyond – aboard the lovely ‘Marco Polo’

So stay tuned …

Yours bloggedly – JOHN


2 thoughts on “PACKING & PANICKING …

  1. Only ONE more sleep and you’re off … you’re gonna be missed hugely 😦
    Can’t wait to enjoy this adventure with you (through blog).
    Big hugz & LOL Kerky’s xx

  2. Hello Mum and Dad – is this soon enough to blog?
    Dad, your camera sold on Trade Me for $180 (less $10 success fee). Mum, getting signed listing Carlinka tomorrow.
    Macauley has this to say (in her own typing):have you had a good time grandna and grandpa i love you.
    Briar would write, but she’s busy with a pencil on the wall.

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